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 28.04.2015 Gifa 2015, 40 years ANDROMAT manipulators out of Kassel
During the GIFA 2015 we will proudly present the new developed AMX 70 for payloads up to 2500 Kg in 6 axis. The system will be in operation and we are looking forward to meeting you at our booth A40 in Hall 17.... [more]
 12.12.2014 A successful year 2014
The ANDROMAT Team in Kassel and Alabaster is celebrating a successful year 2014. beside many others, we have delivered the 50th grinding Manipulator and the 250th forging Manipulator in this year. Both units have been installed at long-lasting custo... [more]
 02.07.2012 Pleissner Guss goes for the grinding manipulator ANDROMAT
Pleissner Guss GmbH has put a new grinding manipulator ANDROMAT into operation. More details are available in the internal magazine "glück auf" 01/2012.... [more]
 28.06.2011 The revolutionary MultiTool System
Hydraulic manipulators are usually equipped either with gripper for handling or pneumatic hammer, grinding tools etc for fettling.... [more]
 28.06.2011 GIFA 2011
The GIFA is the most important exhibition for the foundry industry worldwide.... [more]
 28.06.2011 The all new AMX 80
During the GIFA 2011 Henschel Industrietechnik introduced the AMX 80 after an intensive and customer oriented development phase... [more]
 29.10.2010 200 Years Henschel
Today the Henschel Industrietechnik is looking back on 200 years of engineering tradition.... [more]
 01.10.2009 Starker Hammer braucht starken Kollegen
Die Hagener Schmiedagnimmt die Produktion mit neuen ANDROMATEN auf Kreisbogenfahrwerken auf.... [more]
 01.06.2009 ANDROMAT ein behindertengerechter Arbeitsplatz
Integrationsämter unterstützen mit beachtliche Zuschüssen die Einrichtung von behindertengerechter Arbeitsplätzen unter Verwendung des ANDROMAT.... [more]
 01.01.2009 New manipulator ANDROMAT AMX
More Power for foundries - the new manipulator ANDROMAT AMX... [more]

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